Amir Nadimi

A.I programmer Mobot company


I'm Amirmasoud Nadimi, programmer, manager and founder Mobot I was born in 2006 and live in Tehran. My activity is in the field of programming and IT I started in 2017 and entered this field professionally in 2019 I became, now after 5 years and after gaining experience and programming techniques Electronic marketing in the field of teaching and consulting in this field to the organization public and private schools and the general students in attendance and non-attendance activities I do. From 2017 until now, teacher of more than 120 students in person, 800 Part-time student and consultant for several government organizations and companies I have been private.

My recent work includes:

  • Mobot, An artificial intelligence based platform that helps you evaluate your mobile phone,
  • Falcon simulator, Falcon simulator with Python language,
  • Top Bin, The first Persian search engine, and
  • TopLearn, Back-end developer of Top Learn educational site

You can read more about these projects here.

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Over the past few years, I led the following projects:

The Mobat artificial intelligence project was one of the most complex artificial intelligence projects in Iran

DastyarKit site programming

Low-latency real-time Internet video

Falcon 9
Falcon 9 simulation project

Last Updated: Agu 22, 2022